and What are Their Advantages?

Kaj so ilustrirani krajinski zemljevidi in kaksne so njihove prednosti?

Classical topographic map is a very accurate presentation of the landscape, but basically it is a composition of symbols that often takes an expert to understand it and discern all the features from them. So it takes a certain amount of training to be able to read perfectly such a map. That's why many other ways of depicting the lands are known. They could be roughly divided into three main groups:
  • Illustrated Maps
  • Panoramic Maps (panoramske karte)
  • Pictorial Maps (krajinski zemljevidi)
To avoid confusing them let us name their most important characteristics:

Illustrated Map is just a topographic map with added little illustrations - icons for certain features (eg. buildings or activity places).

Panoramic Map is in a sense a portrait of the landscape. It depicts a certain area as if viewed from a certain point in space. It could be also called a perspective. When it comes to dimensions such a map usually gives an impression of high accuracy. But due to this individual objects (buildings and landscape features) are hardly recognisable or not at all if very distant. This type of map is usually very popular for depicting ski areas.

Pictorial Map, on the contrary, puts the main emphasis on individual objects that are presented accurately and are thus easily recognisable. They are then placed in the landscape which can, since the stress is on the objects rather than the landscape, often slightly distorted or reduced. Such a map can thus sometimes appear as a caricature. But being attractive, informative and easy to use this form is highly popular and despite scale distortions often also very successfully used for navigating.

In some cases they are close to Panoramic Maps but with emphasis on interesting buildings and natural wonders maps on this site belong to the "pictorial maps" category. They were done at different occasion for different purposes, but can all be used as a welcome tool, either when planing your excursion or when navigating through this areas, being on foot or on horseback, by bike or by car.


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