Membership is free and open to everyone with an interest in fortifications or artillery. To become a member you only need fill out the application form.
Membership is recorded on the Central SiteO. In case you have troubles contacting it, please contact the webmaster of your regional site.

Member's obligations

Members are requested not to ask for payment for services or use of material. You may expect reimbursement for the cost of any materials you send to someone else, but please do not ask for payment to have your photos or information used in a member's book. Accordingly, all members are expected to acknowledge any help received on their projects.

You are not required to respond to anyone contacting you by e-mail if they are not a member of the group. You only are asked to respond to members at your convenience.
The Forum is for posting questions, answering other members questions, posting of SITE O information, updates and news from the various associations. To post to any forum enter your name as user and leave the password field blank.
A Newsletter will occasionally be sent out to the membership with some general information, including information on new books or articles by members and occasionally special ordering information.
Linking to SITE O
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