Mladen Mikulin was born in 1958. He graduated in 1986 from the sculpture department of the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb, where his mentor was professor Branko Ruzic.

His first independent exhibition of sculptures made of tin foil was staged in 1986 in "Galerija Nova". In 1990 he was the youngest sculptor to have his work exhibited in major exhibition "A Thousand Years of Croatian Sculpture" in Zagreb's Museum and Gallery Centre. But even prior to his enrolment in the academy, in 1981 he made a stone bust of famous musician Jim Morrison which was placed in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris as it met with the approval of the local curators. But his first official exhibition in Paris was a participation on the international exhibition "Jeune Peinture" eleven years later.

He won a competition for a bronze monument to Grga Martic, situated in Zagreb in the street of the same name. His bronze statue "The Croatian Falcon" graces Maksimir park in Zagreb, just as many other public monuments.

But the best reflection of authors creative mind are his "birds", a series of tin sculptures which are, according to Mladen Pejakovic, sat on the high pedestals, intersected by the ray of the equinox and the solstice, recording the altitude of the moment and inscribing a shadow on the plains of the Earth.

"The Falcon I"
"The Peacoc"
"The Owl"
"Jim Morrison's Tombstone"
"Grand Palais, 1992"


Ars-Cartae is thanking Mr. Darko Glavan for introducing us to Mr. Mikulin and Mr. Mikulin for kindly allowing us to display his work.

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